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              ~~ Ben Franklin

alteration in the form of the medical certification.
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nervous trunk and its branches ; patients sometimes delineate the tract and
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that induce catarrhal ulceration. In the latter condition the mucous
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The Relation of the General Practitioner to Obstetrics — Dr. Ben. H. Hackney,
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beyond the posterior end, but not beyond the anterior end of the
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every ten minutes — great thirst, skin warm and perspiring, pulse ninety, and
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may become a permanent carrier. Horton" reports the apparent recovery of
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. it with soap liniment, and this sent the pain away ; after four
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Hack Tuke adopts the classification of Ferri, with slif/ht
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then removed, after which specimens ot the remaining
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rine were considerably increa.sed after the first and slightly
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The blood always shows a hyperglycaemia. The only exceptions to this
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must be continuous ; and may extend over more than a year. This
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duced to a moderately fine powder. Close the flask and agitate the
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20th. — Pulse very good and down to SO, and all pain nearly
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Will not our correspondent in Montezuma, N. Y., communicate with,
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sometimes complete blindness occurring soon after the
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have been investigating this subject with such care and ac-
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at every cross-roads, a so-called medical college is found
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at Tabriz and named after himself Rab'-i-Raskidf he
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line of the neck, followed by warm fomentations. Tracheotomy in many
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10 years. There were 25 deaths from pulmonary consumption,
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seven years afterwards it raged in Sweden, destroying more than 4000
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fresh-complexioned type, in which the eruption often breaks
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under the mucosa, but in it between the gland tubules (Fig. 1).
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sibility, as identified with soundness or unsoundness of mind, in
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ment: Ongoing Issues in Integrating the 12-Step Program.
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grams of public and professional information and edu-
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all cases a raised one, and not an ulcer ; it began as a papilloma. Dr. Paul
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in the case under consideration, he had had extreme
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results for the treatment of alcoholism and the drug
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Caries of Tarsal Bones: Excision and Amputation. — The
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between the thyroid gland and the adrenal bodies; that an excess
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larger cities where almost the entire milk supply for
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Frederick Simms, M.B. Lond., 46, Wimpole-street. W.
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be obtained by any, and if by any, by what operation. If it be decided that
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For my own part I do not place that importance on long statistical

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