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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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irr in the thoracic poition of the spinal cord, from which the prejran-

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paralytic phenomena and were sometimes associated with it. Consciousness

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cent, in the collected cases given in the monograph of Lewin and Heller

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jralitrlioiiie lilieis aiise. II' tliis driii.' is applieil in a 1 pei' cent soiiiliiMi

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its details, being represented by a homogeneous, hyaline mass, with a few

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ness, nervousness, vomiting, and diarrhoea sometimes occur in the few days

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of production and the rapidity with which tne secretion leaves the gland.

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.!- Would indicate not only that it is derived from the |)riiiiilive eardiiic

prix bracelet ginette ny purity ring of in\i stiiiation w ]„■ irariir.l in thr lalioiat<ny, to the stllilv

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a "cetacean," more than of a man (Otto, 1816). The shortness of the

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hiu'li up in the cervical reL'ioni, stihseipient section of the two vairi do.

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* The wards of that hospital had no doors ; the communica-

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nervous systems are said to have been normal, but the cerebrum and cere-

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* Siebold's Jour, f. Gehurtshilfef Frauenzim. u. Kinderh.^ 1829, ix, 292.

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sucdi as ti,.- museliN. have iiad lime lo lake up ilieir full <|uota of amiie-

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iiupo.ssihl,. /„ s., nf n.,1 vnliN llns run h, inuhr uornuil i,>u,liti„„s

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''' ' l"'"^^"'" I'.V Milliul.lti.,11 .,)• til.. -IVMl splillK-lllli.. „..|v,.. CHIvflll

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parenchyma. Frequently, as an evidence of the extension of the infection,

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to normal. The hair begins to grow again, although the former hair con-

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They consist in a hyperplasia of the lymphoid cells with active proliferation

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The practical application of these facts in connection with the hvffiene

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In health the color of the skin is singularly constant — what we speak of

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one affecting the specific tissue of the fiber and the other the indifferent

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Ihi ian;liiiiif lift' till' iilliu's ri'iiiain nl' stiiali''i »i/'' lliaii llir tliMia'-ic uall.

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. inl |il;ii'i'il, li.ycllii'i- \,itli miiiw Vi'iy ililiU,- imii i:i In hike llic li| j

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"illi an extract of the mucous membrane of the iluodeniim made with

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Midi a wav as lo i'oiiiiiilato a siiii|il(' tlicory wliicli tits in with all tin-

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Prognosis. — ^The attacks usually recur — this is the rule. Many patients

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i.ismnlh suhnitrate and x-ray method, i "2 ) hy ohservintr them after o|.en-

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in tiio ci'iilrf uliirli is iiiadi' In press on tlir arlciy may also Iw en,

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1896 there was an increase in the pains in the hands to an intolerable degree.

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ment; in 3424 autopsies at the Massachusetts General and Boston City Hos-

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S|iini(l Sh.M-k In l.;il.(.i:ili.i \ .\iiiMi:il>, m'.; ; .S|,ii,;,l ,sli,.,k In M;in, Mill; (•.•iiisi-

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"";,"""'; '"■''"'■" '""- "'I' '■••'li "IT "nt V i MMlitV i,Ul in ,|MMlitv , -

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into the intestine, ii certain i)ropi.rtion of the bile salts is reabsorbed into

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