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              ~~ Ben Franklin

' Revue de Med., 190:^, xxiii. « Bril. Med. Jour., 1S76, i.
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or past the climacteric who object to the scar. On the other hand,
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should be daily moist sweepings of the school rooms, halls, and
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probe was introduced into the cavity of the joint. The probe was then forced through the
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There is ix^ason to believe that each s{KH;ies of fever has its own iipeeial
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exhibited in far less serious conditions, these conditions have
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in them by application of chemical or mechanical stimuli ; the heart, however, in such
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that it was very evidently continuous from it, and that there was no doubt
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Nine strains of B. enteritidis have been tested with several of
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four to forty-eight hours after evacuation of the pus.
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same increase may be only of slight amount and tempo-
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tetany. From these deductions might be formulated the axiom
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13. Univ of Toronto Interhospital Cardiovascular Surgery group:
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scopically and shaken to see if it remains clear or
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cavity. In cases needing irrigation of the uterine cavity, I first
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like feeling in the forearms and hands, especially in the
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days after the operation, during a violent paroxysm of cough-
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without giving rise to any further trouble. Pratique should be given with-
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Hospitals, Paris. Translated, with a Preface and New Chapters added,
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sedimentation tubes. Brit. M. J., Lond., 189r, i, 1214.—
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lungs ; and when it extends thence to the surface : but when the
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be benefited by the instruction which we have received.
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(the sound which appears immediately alter swallowing
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toward the newcomers. Stories were spread abroad of patients being
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ing as the disease is more or less distinctly traceable to different causes.
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astraddle the bladder of professional pride that the
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same time, to the fact that the latter may coexist with a
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rapid course of many cases of Cerebro-Spinal Meningitis. As long as the nervous ele-
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the usefulness of sulphurous acid in conditions of pyrosis can
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independently of pneumonia, it is attended from the outset by signs
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by a particular exciting cause which, being known, may be avoided, the dis-
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sented by pulmonary tubercle, articular rheumatism, or syphilitic or
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Many curious and important tables, illustrative of the mean
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were closed with silk and dressed in the usual manner. In
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