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              ~~ Ben Franklin

him to suspend business, for some minutes only. Re-

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mass of its pupils a large benefit, and, within the limita-

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elapsing fever spirillia, etc., have not already lieen

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This doctrine of the pure effects of medicines promises no

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tubes. The patient had had syphilis years before, but there

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have devised a test to determine the presence or ab-

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with me in this feigning (sham) variety, namely, a "blow-

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and the exhalation of carbonic dioxide, goes on equally in

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any, where pus has begun to form a slight yielding will be

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snccessive days, below 99^ F., that we can be snre that the nlcers have healed,

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prevalence, the means of enlightenment, and of pro-

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or congenital excavation. In neuro-retinitis, however, instead

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absolutely negative not only for typhoid at Vpo> Vioo? V2oo> Vaoo;

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bronchitis, asthma, convalescence from grippe and broncho-

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are, of course, beyond relief with this remedy, and demand

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Avery, working with only ten strains, was able to differentiate two

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gained by flexing the leg upon the thigh, must be lost at the

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yet afterwards it may be with a larger instrument or a diiFerent

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but also the overpressure, must be taken into account; and for judging the systolic

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mucous membrane, the patient having submitted to a double

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familiar sick-headache, etc., for auto-intoxication is not by any

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cancer (of the pancreas) the most trustworthy symptoms

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drawn, union being complete and firm. Effected as this

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serve the protein of the food and tissues from unnecessary

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latter is reflected from the walls of the pelvis over the

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p. M., a later hour being permitted Friday or Saturday nights only; even then,

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(1888-90, Partii.) ; "Report by Sir Henry Roscoe and Mr. Lund," Phil. Trans.,

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tion, or to promote resolution, mastitis being present.

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Comparison of the effects of the disease in the serum-treated ani-

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normal animals, and concludes that the conditions which favor

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at the same time about 1£ pounds per head daily of a mixture of equal

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as follows: *' 1, very favorable results have been obtained by the radical

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is an almost epidemic disease, and it then appears to be

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for, on the whole, it must be confessed, that in consequence of a wrong

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him shortly after jSTorthern Medical Inspector in England, and after-

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the layover, customs officials detained one member of our

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dress was delivered by Professor Metcalfe. The Mott medals were

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thing else were needed to emphasize this point, it would be supplied by a

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to duty at Kort Pembina, D. T.— Par. i, S. O. ti8. Department of

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