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              ~~ Ben Franklin

treating on the diseases of live stock, we have used the

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in some cases there are no such direct symptoms, and We proceed

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paraging of the work of the clinic and of clinicians, may feel actually

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The third case is that of a woman, aged forty years, who had had

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6. The necessity of regarding the nutritive processes during

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repair stops. The infiltration continuing, the pus becomes

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without saying that such accidents are more apt to occur in anaphylactic

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"I use magnesia phosphate in almost every case of colic of

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When the jugal is wanting, the indication is, that the ter-

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ure of tlie pelvis entered into the calculation cannot be deter-

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manure in badly ventilated stables. Poorly fed and over

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tissues are old and feeble. Very clearly in this case we want a

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it, but from that you cannot augur eventual failure

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ard of health. Determining a local wrong, we at once think of

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except for the unusually close observation given them.

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to which the conditions existing in the patients actually before them

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"I believe the reader, by carefully studying the above indica-

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condition of the mucous membrane as regards its circulation and

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the affected leg the toe of the shoe is trailed on the ground,

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