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              ~~ Ben Franklin

ache, pains of meningitis). Errors of diagnosis are, however, made for

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Dr. Wm. M. Sweet exhibited a patient sufFerinj from

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in the face, and complained of pain in the region of the

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comes chronic, the air passages are widely dilated, and both bones

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In this country, as is well known, hanging is and has

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the decomposition of urea being effected by the altered mucus.

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Ilaval Medical Center by conducting frequent discussion and giving lectures on

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umbilicus, and a curve of intestine was very prominent in this situation, and clear

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Uterine Wall, Spleen, Spinal Cord, Pancreas and Ovarian Substances;

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seized with a violent stitch in the left side, with great

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in the liver, one in the lower portion of the right lung

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from an examination of the heart, lungs, and kidneys. It is to be recollected

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teristic of this disease. From this time I would give to those corpuscles the

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previously, or known experimentally to be infective, were

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termine the role of the latter in the formation of bile

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surgeon ; but he sank at last under some acute affection of his

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1. Materia Medica and General Therapeutics. 2. Medical

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Dun's, in which a similar event took place in consequence of

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state, and immediately consulted a physician, who, she

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and intestines. The muscular coat of the stomach is lees irritable

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ice to establish an ad hoc committee to investigate

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ganglia on the extensor tendons of the wrist is, first, to try if he can rupture

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to strengthen my doubts entertained at the time of the aspira-

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and that he has correspondingly impressed his hearers. I

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