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              ~~ Ben Franklin

the learned professions — must, a fortiori, recognize its

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his face with his fist. Sometimes the spasmodic element assumes promi-

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and //. 20.472. Thumou deuomenon (lit. "lacking thumos^ II. 20.472) has been

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Dr. G. Peenet : I have long held the view that lupus erythematosus

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ascertained, and these were carefully verified by sub-

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steady the limb and to relieve muscular spasm. This was soon

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and left the hospital, 11th May (six days later), with the wound looking

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a hospital at any considerable distance does not more than counter-

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Now, in walking, it is necessary that all five toes

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A short distance from Elizabeth City' is Elizabeth-

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this peculiar condition, Dr. Miiller searched for it in six

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rarely, exposure of the body to pernicious influences at this time excites

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is often so much changed that the person is scarcely recognizable by

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The pond, once clear and pristine, now nourishes thick

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Among the strongly supported theories, as to the etio

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to draw out as much pus as you like, then fill up the cavity again

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within," such as the growth of a neoplasm or the effusion of

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of normal size but abnormally mobile; the peritoneum being lax,

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advanced phthisis, when the urine A\iis loadc^l \ith albu-

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observed, in some cases, to either accompany or follow dysentery; and

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What's life after Real Estate News ?

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