Info On Medication Ponstel

              ~~ Ben Franklin

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writer on the subject of Health.""' It is no gentle exercise,
dS tho^re king, without any injurious cousecjuences. (Pereira, 3IcU. Mttd.,
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the use of opium in this disease, it is necessary to increase the ordinary
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medicine is passed. But now a eoiiditit>ri of depression takes place, more
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and, if given so as to be in full action at the time for the expected to-
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endemic disease was the avenger of their cruelties ; but when
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pump. Afterwards the antidote should be administered with a cathartic,
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death. Next in poisoning power to thebaina was codeia. Much less of this then
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while the phlegmatic, being characterized by a general deficiency of sus-
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lionic. iMEsmiu MfuiL Hat uum ii it %« pruumd'j^ um* mmfc f^^ir iut 4me
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Hemp probably operates, like opium and alcohol, through absorption.
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l>y its peculiar influence in preventing the oxidation of iron. The sul»
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though there is little exercise of the muscles, compared with
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the same, the supposition must be considered as correct Upon this
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cold alcohol. It is reddened by nitric acid. Its claims to bo considered
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6. 8humard, Medical Director in the U. S. Army, an account is given of
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This description, as no longer necessary, has been omitted in the second
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preparation is intensely sour, and wnl! set the teeth on edge, if it come
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with or without chronic gastritis. It is much more employed as a con-
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many nervous diseases, especially hypochondriasis and me-
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the fasting cure. For five days neither bit nor sup
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equal measures of officinal alcohol and distilled water. It is not quite

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