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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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calls for deliberate consideration and we trust that it will re
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tivated districts. For example water which shows no deleterious sub
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The above mentioned bismuth medication is continued
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repeatedly occurred and the patient died of purulent peritonitis on
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to be realizeti result. Fortunately the efforts of even one active
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employed without inconvenience during menstruation.. Hydro
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powerful well brewed ale. Ve now live in s when the
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liferation. Since the former cannot regenerate the latter fill up the
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I See quotation. Other surgeons applied traction and counter trac
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generally supposed and is being investigated by scientists and
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may not the predictions with regard to psychical development
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Whilft Gliffion recites the prognoftic figns of this
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cases of tracheotomy in which scarlet fever developed sixteen hours
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beneficiaries in the North Central region are presented
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minor surgery and learn the common forms of fracture and dislo
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with normal salt solution this emulsion was incubated for days it
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size. Fig. shows the irregularities in the curve during ascent and
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f In the common slug we find the two anterior cephalic ganglia
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were small and equal they reacted to light and converg
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The present investigations deal with further biologic
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the nostrils while a number of pustules and tumours form in
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a result was accomplished. There was no doubt however that
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the throat against the attacks of morbid germs. On the whole
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case a hydrosalpinx had developed and in the other a tubal
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operations and as to its limits that was for time to
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often fatal but abscesses may occur and red lines in the
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has no tendency to degeneration and causes no symp
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could answer questions intelligently but was slow to recognize objects and
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with unpleasant thoughts crowding the mind and wide open eyes
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curved and sometimes twisted. The thoracic deformity is usually
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ing not only slightly ill patients suitable for the practical courses in
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of small pox may be produced in that animal in four modes.
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that some ulcerative process has prevented union of the vertebra.
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Wishing to test the matter psychometrically I have taken the im
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tamination may disappear. If this is true it is a dangerous truth.
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more pronounced in this disease. Further malignant head
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adopted in the next issue of the British Fharmaoopoaia.
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corpuscles of Hassall. In some cases with definite symptoms of tracheal
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