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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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given to the public. How bad that water was will be seen

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passed to the President; to Dr. Broadbent, the Treasurer ; to

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death-rate during the same period in the large English towns. The

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to the handle at right angles. The point was entered unarmed through

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production of ansiesthesia for short operations. In a short

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should be made to receive and to execute a suggestion ; the

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it is not, perhaps, a subject for wonder that great prominence

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the vest pocket, and will be found very generally useful.

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tests. He referred to two tests for carbohydrates in urine

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therefore, is the object aimed at in M. Haffkine's method of

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The Transactions of the Secnud ,\nnual Meeting of the .Association of

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The Board of Supervision have issued an order to the Leith

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trophied. The nuclei in the neighbourhood, including those

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point out about what 1 am reported to have said concerning Dr. Cur-

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for which disorder is phenazopyridine (pyridium) most commonly administered

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from the contents of the small intestine of a person who died

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by living ones, and as the method is not yet backed up by-

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fifth and sixth, and the sixth and seventh cervical vertebraj

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assigned as a cause of the exceptional mortality of the year, the sanitary

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tion of vessels from other causes usually produced sudden

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of Fellows of the College at the beginning of next week. It

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disease will meet with exceptional cases, which will require

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184 persons per acre ; least dense ward (23rdJ, l..i per acre. There are

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scription list remains open, so that all who desire to mark

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work. The scope is sufliciently indicated in the title, and an

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viously been exhibited at the Clinical Society, and only four

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liquids without much spasm. It was noticed that he did not

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Feveh Hospitals —The Special Board for Medicine have recognised

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