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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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when a large percentage spontaneously cure ? My re-

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will vary according to the preponderance of bronchial stenosis or of the

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her life beginning with conception and terminating with the

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especially those belonging to the hemorrhagic septicemic group, occur

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a waste, or alteration of their elements, disqualifying their struc-

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known as Jacksonian epilepsy that is, tonic followed by clonic spasms on

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coagulation of the blood and the contraction of the walls of the vessels,

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justified by the rules of social etiquette in passing A's wife

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secondary and accidental, and to refer the disease mainly to

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life, until, other remedies being administered, the patient might be placed

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lens. Any one with the least ingenuity can manage this. By far

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regular medical attendant, and the only one who had ever

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absorption for almost any time desired and still be strong

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dred years, and survey the huge masses of literature

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The MICROSCOPE and its REVELATIONS. With numerous Plates and

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Tolnme. of about one tboasand pages, with 374 wood outs, extra oloth, $4 ; strongly bound

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arch one; (double) ascending thoracic aorta and innominate one;

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bougies must be introduced during the remainder of the patient's life.

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Several causes contribute to produce the fluctuations in the rate

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his patients, and I am very sure that he can and generally does collect from

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of pericarditis which have come under iny ob?:ervation witliout mercury,

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