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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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be used In turn for the construction of his therapeutic edifice.

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so, he can hardly avoid taking in more water, a portion of

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lues mean at least four hundred thousand still-births in the years

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besides asphyxia enter, and of these, coma, due to a congestion

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moses are an occasional appearance in the groove or at its

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already show peculiarities which we expect to continue when

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made some more experiments with brain, liver, milk, cheese, nuts, and

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has been an unsuccessful attempt to poison, that he requires to

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Fig. 27. — Crystallized hemoglobin : a, b. Crystals

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9. GoUip, J. B., Selye, H., and Thompson, D. L. 1933. Gonad-stimulating hor-

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no danger of living burial under these circumstances.

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worse than our neighbors beyond the ocean. The sentiment

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sac, this pain extending into the back of the head. He had a tumor about

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other investigators e.g., Leonard,^^ and it was quickly shown that

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driver drove up one street and down another about the city

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Medical Service of the Army and Navy. — Dr. Theobald F. Doescher

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equal to '-V1 x l()~ r normal. This figure is in good agreement with that

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