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diameter growing from a common pedicle which measured

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relates an instance of one who coughed up a calculus like a real

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A Terlioal cat three inches long was then made into

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to ether with f reciuent cleansing as in the others. In

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tricts and the neglected and unhealthy localities in towns. Some of the

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view to afford equal support to the whole limb in order

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effect upon the formation of red cells in the bone marrow.

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velop in the walls of one of the accessory sinuses.

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our pathology of spinal cord affections will be retarded only

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veloping countries where its occurrence is routine.

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Butlin in gave the ratio of presumed cures as one third but

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The exceptionally good results from splenectomy reported by

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quence but if the spermatic cord is cut the vas deferens

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manifested themselves but the autopsy made only six hours after death

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Assistant Aural Surgeon to the New York Eye and Ear Infirmary.

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fifteen other regiments of infantry each have four for the two

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auditory sensations for the diagnosis of valvular lesions obtains as the

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mere want of cleanliness and from the foul air surrounding the

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cases of newly born children in which crystals of pigment existed

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because in it there was an appearance of an oily fluid in the

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lows rapidly by hemorrhage rarely the muscular septum g ves

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This patient had had severe pneumonia followed by empyema fourteen years

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in were persons habituated to the immoderate use of ardent spirits

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extreme bitterness toward her. The wife nervous had an exhausting diarrhea that

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stopped by passing long pins beneath the sac and ap

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head till it covered her body and shivering was induced. On repeat

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entire region of the corpora qnadrigemina need not necessarily

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he locks it up in his own bosom hoards the precious treasure

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injurious influences. Thus certain spas like Aix la Chapelle and Uriage

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