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              ~~ Ben Franklin

ending June 30, 1883. Washington. Pamphlet, pp. 102.
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goat, sheep, or rabbit can always be availed of, and if practised on more
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larger than in any other portion of the small intestine, so that its
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often develope unexpected symptoms and produce complications
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nally by cutting directly into the growth, and by scooping out with
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tioned to illustrate the effects of the salvarsan treatment. One
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School of Medicine in 1951, after which he interned
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the foot to a bandage around the waist. In this way I
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til the parts are healed over. This may necessitate
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The former are not recorded, because they agreed exactly with the plates.
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plan, we have herewith taken the liberty of sending you this communica-
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Xew Sydenhaai Soctett. — The ninth annual meeting
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Ice-cream, ^ts Development in Milk, and its Probable
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the swelling was entirely of the mucous membrane, or whether

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