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              ~~ Ben Franklin

with insuflSciency extinct tuberculosis of both lungs acute lobar
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The final marked improvement was doubtless due largely to re
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It thus appears to me that in the normal first sound of
There are rare cases of tuberculosis of the caecum in which the process
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bibliography viz. a statement again following the chronological order
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acute cases but are present in all portions of the stools. Even during
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attacks of vomiting there were no special evidences of
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sistance in the pulmonary circulation which always exists in these
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bibliography viz. a statement again following the chronological order
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and in some instances to have undergone fatty degeneration. There is a
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bowels regular and nutrition is going on well. The sinus under the frontalis
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complete paralysis in a few hours and. grain produced the same
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In cases in which the deficient muscular pov er is due to
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operation as applied to cases in which strangulation exists.
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by dilute solutions of formaldehyde. If the latter is used in rather
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fourth intercostal space three times in twelve in the fifth inter
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and informing the Center district of his resolution to be
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condemnation not because of the direct mischief of it which may or may
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with a towel or cloth and applying the ear. The phonendo
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majority of cases at any rate nothing can be expected
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rooms for library photomicrography collections and laborato
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rectum. He administered three capsules of bisulphide of carbon
twenty years of existence and that fine must be paid more irre
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cases of meningococcus meningitis may suggest ordinary
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and by laws for the Provincial Medical Association was read but
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extent of involvement varies greatly. There may be little more than the
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attack adults a child suffering with this disease may
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under the presidency of Dr. Wylie a gold coin placed upon portions
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a cure. TOierever the Pasteur treatment for rabies i
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next another according to Jung whom he quotes One has only to
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jected and it is allowed to enter the vein very slowly
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acid condition of the stomach whether temporary or chronic
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cancer of the tongue was properly and efficiently treated only when
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water bath till the whole is uniformly liquefied. Let it cool
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of the patient and in the worst cases the most amiable senti
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blood vessels but later the tissue contracts and the vessels
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of assistance compatible with good work. This is not possible in the

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