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              ~~ Ben Franklin

by treating it as a retroversion, to elevate that fundus
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Calomel is partially transformed, by the alkaline secretions
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chronic infiammation more intense than elsewhere may produce abundant
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— Dr. G. M. McCaskey, in an article on surface thermometry in brain diseases,
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histor)-: Neil D., aged 18, was admitted into Prof.
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ursi, China, Berberis, Oalcarea, and some few others.
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matter it seemed that the evidence which could be brought forward in support
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and the winter season of four months, from November 1 to March 1.
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newspapers with sufficient reason to indulge in considerable sar-
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behind his left ear a growth which soon exulcerated,
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of the actual cautery may be obtained by a method simpler and not such a
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with every pain, nor yet to such an extent as to cause the slightest
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by first intention. Patient discharged, .May 25, 1884.
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post-mortem. The tuberculosis of infancy, unlike that of later life, is
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dition. Von Buhl looked on these instances of cardiac hypertrophy as
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affecting the left heart, shows that when death has supervened
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of parasites in such products has some sanitary significance.
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For a cough, boil one ounce of flaxseed in a pint of water,
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$3.00, net. Lea Brothers & Co., Philadelphia and New York, 1905.
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results therewith. Regarding carcinoma of the rectum

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