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The patient describes some of his attacks as consisting chiefly in a want of

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by the discovery of concealed external irritants, a spontaneous cure

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two or three hours. A good cholera infantum remedy. (?)

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Angina Pectoris Due to Coronary Atherosclerosis: INDERAL LA is indicated for the

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and the type of the disease is said to be very virulent. In

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then for the sake of our profession. result in the condition, for by their early

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Phagocytosis is most frequent in those infections in which a mild toxin

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zymotic diseases? They are certainly not protected in

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elaborates a substance which causes sleep, and when

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and particularly any restriction of protein food, as this may

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1. Notes on the Use of Astringents, Stiinnlant-Astringents, and Caustics,

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Here, multiple scarification, a process of cross-hatching, with a fine knife,

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foci in the bronchial glands. The heart, liver, spleen, and kidneys

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water poultice. The way in which I direct it to be made is the

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In his summary of technique he gives the formula of an

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this matter is still mil) juiiicc. discussion may be val-

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them being increased, and its flow accelerated. This kind of

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tion to the inspiratory group of muscles and its evolution

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She was only up one day when she slipped on the floor and fell

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■was because we believed, at the time, that infection was brought about

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stated. This was easily untwisted, and the dark color

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Mr. N., set. 70. — Attack of subacute rheumatism when set. 45 ; chronic

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(2) To enable one to nourish a patient whose stomach

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in such, cases, they die from sepsis; in some of these

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our appreciation for Dr. Spitzberg ’s life and service; and

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that of the deaths frightfully increased." " INIy own know-

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analysis of the nature of the injuries as regards results ; an analysis

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Door Department), and Pathologist to the Lunatic Asy-

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and shattered sides, rotten and unseaworthy. Another division,

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For five years I have employed the remedies mentioned

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Henry B. Kolb, M.D., Medical Director, Phone, South 80

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Mr. Rumley and Mr. Colles. We were often obliged to

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aqueduct of Sylvius (iter ^ tertio; etc.) the accumulation of

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the risks of removing them ? Who would receive them into

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just as antimeningococcic serum may be used in that form of

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In superficial buryis or scalds one of the following remedies

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