Duree Traitement Noroxine Cystite

              ~~ Ben Franklin

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both those conditions had been relieved and their signs had therefore
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as to its general applicability. Dr. Northrup evidently
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ing features are frequently not well marked until several days after its
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pain, reflected from one side to the other, and he lays it down as
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Club Rates: New York Medical Journal and Appletons' Journal
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these lesions was found in the lower portion of the cord.
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plete restitution to an apparently normal pulmonary
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tive article on the above subject. His position, of
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C.B.E., M.B., M.S.Lond., F.R.C.S. Tenth edition. London :
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"On putting a coloured glass before his right eye, the right
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us to discover in it the least trace of fleshy fibre,
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To the Editor: The April 1993 issue contains a letter
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sent, and a letter of inquiry to our agent at that place
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extent) the visitation of the examinations has been carried
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it verbatim as it was sent me. . ' In the forties Dr.
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may cause physical signs difficult of explanation unless the
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decide the point. It will be of a certainty less frequently necessary if men
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but, curiously enough, we also hear with the assistance of our
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Jerome E. Kronsnoble and William E. Herte, Representatives
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sutures were taken out. She then became violently maniacal,
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right foot were black, which he thought due to the staining with blood.
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weariness. He now fell into a slumber, and slept until the evening;
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This is the Private Sanatorium of Dr. Beverley R. Tucker
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that it is liable to enlarge and occasion trouble after fifty or sixty
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of the joints or of the heart, or any other organ." (p. 87.)
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therefore, best to count 400 squares, and multiply the result by 1000 to obtain the
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monly noted, and after about four days tlie joints were
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Dr. Dudley, in his large calculous practice, has never cut more than two or
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It certainly reflects a great deal of credit on those connected
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cholitis or a peri-angiocholitis of the bile-ducts of
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that poison, l)ut we can protect the central nervous
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method, yet there was some question r^;arding diagnosis,
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curative effects of electrical treatment; are all ac-
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air and water are (rightly, we think) merely mentioned, and cannot
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with three or four of 20, four or five of 15, and several of 10, 7, 5, and 4
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discovered, and, since so many medical men had made a diag-
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and by pressing on it with the finger, a cavity is detected : then severe inflam-
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effects of faulty food on the endocrine glands. My observations
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dren who are born in cold climates could be so reared as to rise
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fected primarily and alone, we may add that subsequent extension
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Preliminary typing indicated these were type “B” and “C”.
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