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              ~~ Ben Franklin

"3. That most of the dangers or bad effects which are said to have followed

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ingenious alterations were made upon it by Mr. Heurieloup and others,

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crude sewage directly into the lake from which this

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sakes primarily, but for the purpose of protecting the inno-

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glass for an hour, absolutely no effect had been produced

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latter. In measurements of the pulse, temperature and

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ings in search of a site, unless it should, from the

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in a brief way data on the practical application of the therapeutic

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purely by apnoea may occur if two or three lobes become rapidly involved,

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twenty chapters, the first being historical, and the others

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quite the routine procedure. Exactly when this igni-

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Principles of Lymphatic Involvment. It is universallv rec-

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or two aspirations may be followed by rapid recovery,

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Berkshire. — Drs. H. Bushnell, North Adams; G. S. Hatch,

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Le attenuated virus before they became immune. He there-

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said rules and regulations the President shall execute and

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of the larynx, while on picket-duty. The ball entered at the

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may be very short (few seconds or minutes), or it may continue for an hour

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paracentesis proved the correctness of the diagnosis ; once only was

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than the more stormy and violent ones, which latter I have

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the author further emphasizes the fact by saying: "I

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accentuated aortic second sound has not been considered such

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which produces these poisonous effects is probably the

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debility are associated with these symptoms, and are proportionate to the degree

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script by some means found its way to Lombardy. Its

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Category 3 refers to species or taxonomic groups that are

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rate declined from the peak rates experienced at the

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Is dense and white in its structure, arranged in masses, with

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was given, but, inasmuch as he desired to have other

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day it had apparently recovered, and was taking its food well. Another

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fourteen times. Dr. Prevost then entered into his observations

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have repeatedly met with this form of phlebitis in cattle under-

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fading from his face. Francis started back, appalled

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emetic or a cathartic. To give an opiate or an anodyne was to

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(1) The upper half of each retina is represented in the

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or scrofulous variety, as it is often called, it has

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the glottis and larynx lias the power of causing an involuntary clo-

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Ferments of Milk.— E. Moro* has investigated Escher-

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publisher, and the subjects which will occupy the col-

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