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surface and slightly irregular border along the line of inoculation. Semi-transparent,
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in 5 (1 drachm) of water. It may also be given in suppositories
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carotid and subclavian arteries. It is a last resort when a wide communi-
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puncture. The cure should be preceded by a salt-free diet.
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withstanding, continuing the usual time. In some, there were
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man. His temper was almost imperturbable ; in spite of his
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invaded by this matter in the space of a few hours." Mr Mac-
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morphine.] In case it proves impossible to remove the cause of the sleep-
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asylum so long as to render the cases incurable ; and the extent to
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The book contains two well-written essays on recent researches
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increase the local inflammation, and should be given, if at all, only very
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cases. It sometimes has a secondary effect on the stomach and on the
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Medication. — The same expectorants are indicated here as in acute
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ended about a quarter to twelve o'clock noon. The left parietal
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pain, I attempt light chloroform ansesthesia. I rarely use suppositories
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lines indicated by these results may lead to the development of
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extract of Calabar bean were injected hypodermically, after the
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again to 50. It seems clear that a bed of this character cannot be
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as the only drug which really dissolves uric acid and has in addition a
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milk should be tested. The average amount of milk, if given (see Table
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The form of wards may be either square or oblong ; if square,
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these : — " The hereupon following corpora quadrigcmina are very
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comparative strengths of the disinfectant and carbolic acid have
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that there be a supply of water upon every stair landing ; — I am
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same dose of edestin usually causes only moderate and rarely severe
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An Unexplained Phenomenon. — In this work with diphtheria
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cholera have proceeded from the endemic area every fourth, fifth, or
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permanently, and with less mischief than when introduced by inha-
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reaction 2 to 4 times on 2 to 4 successive days. Scrofulous processes
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rated in a sterile mortar with sterile saline solution, so that each 0.5 c.c. of the
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