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              ~~ Ben Franklin

pressure can be measured while the fluid is allowed to run out through
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ing must be practiced, and all clothing suspended from the shoulders.
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celebrated Westphalia ham, which is considered by many to be inferior to this
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ference with his strictly military duty. He has been able
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the same as Funk's vitamine. The former is soluble in the fat solvents,
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exposed; but we were fortunate enough to epctinguish
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" The Diarrhoea had been persistent for four months in spite of the use of other foods. After
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iced water when fatigued and perspiring, drastic or oft-
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fact that some breeds are more subject to it than others. In some
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from immediate and remote dangers incident to her confinement,
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severe. The treatment was kept up, and after a while the attacks entirely dis-
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textbooks of human anatomy reflect the lack of agreement on
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forms which florists and gardeners display wiU show
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was better for a time, but in June, 1911, he complained of pain in the
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deprived of effect merely upon the ground that the writer was at
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patient is being nursed at home, should be told to report any suspicious
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one of the chairs of this school, and I had the pleasure of learn-
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represented by a mass of grey, granular, necrotic tissue, Avhich AA^as easily
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curious illustration of this is found in the fact, that when the grave of
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Those who medicate largely with specific remedies without distinct in-
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proteins and slight depression of the total proteins.
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horn, and weighed eight pounds and three ounces, thir-
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been attended with success for a time, and afterwards fitiled
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the same journal (page 279), and the following language, attribu-
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The reader will notice that we do not utilize the absolute amount

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