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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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partment at Spike Island Cork harbour applied to me for relief
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adult population in the United States is alcoholic. Physicians
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It is in general accompanied by other extrapulmonary infections due to
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attribute our failure to the imperfection of our means and in
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mediate Stitches no drainage. He treats endometritis with
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to cast doubt on their practical value. Yet I must confess that they
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should be cultivated and inoculated upon a guinea pig or rabbit.
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elaborate dissections illustrated by admirable coloured plates
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cially the signs of a simple small area of consolidation.
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This method has only been extensively used in the native terri
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pedient to give it in the intervals than in the fits. While
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Teague Oscar and Clark Herbert C. A trypanosome of Panamanian
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simply add the special conditions obtaining in the middle cerebral
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in such cases is only to be detected by thermometrical observation.
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nausea and in the acute indigestion following excesses in
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models of highway construction were built by them while
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nal interference is less apparent. But appeals by way of
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indigenous but is very abundant on the mountains of the north
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with only two deaths these patients entering the hospital
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were placed in boiling water to stop digestion at the same moment. The
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thelium in the organ of Jacobson are much smaller than those
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weeks ago in a much worse condition than you now see
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classification of the foods in general use by man. The following table
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twelve and sixteen. I have felt it necessary in numerous instances to order
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with due attention instruct them in all that is good but
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all these patients have as yet a well developed alimentary toxemia.
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constituency ol vegetable drugs especially. But these in
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trap is sprung but the following is the plan for tempering
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intellectual functions. In the production of inebriation these functions are impaired and
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part with the sulcus interparietalis proprius. One and a half cm.
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Arabic who took kindly to him and he essayed to learn
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appreciation of the most important piece of investiga

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