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              ~~ Ben Franklin

mastoid muscle does not lead to noticeable deformity. The defect however

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At a meeting of one of the sections of the Interna

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in two cases of penile urinary fistula communicating with the urethra

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rated with a per cent solution of bichloride of mercury until

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mucous glands are prominent and enlarged. There may also

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is sometimes observed in case of hemorrhage in softened can

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resting comfortabh. The limb which is employed for investigation

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genograms are similar to those described but are considerably niore marked

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The injury was not severe but was followed by rather

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by application of cold water as an immediate application

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the introduction of a representative of the Incorporated

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the Marine Hospital Service in a pamphlet entitled Milk as a

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is dilated first with Hanks hard rubber dilators and

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are simply degenerative diseases of the nervous sys

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FiusT LiEUT. William E. Richards assistant surgeon is

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of Rhabdoncma intestinaU. The stools examined macroscopically

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the ranks of the faith healers Christian scientists Schlatterites Schraderites

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over which they have a more or less independent control

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most important of these post operative complications

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such cases is unhealthj the nose is swollen and the upper lip

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reception and a spirit of cooperation with the Asso

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which the Professor insists in relation to the cicatrization of

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I have often had occasion to draw attention to cases of

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the central elevation consists of a file of papillae of normal or nearly

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ing them in a form more convenient and serviceable for the practising

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others which it would be easy to enumerate the dissection of the

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seem that society can find justification for adopting some such measures

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