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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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except for some areas of discoloration. In the abdominal wall

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Dr. Walklett is Chairman Department of Radiology

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sons who go to the table meal after meal day in and day

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profession. To speak by analogy a fibroid tumor should be removed

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atheromatous condition their calibre being very much

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upon all fruits and vegetables potassium salts are neces

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higher point on the curve after the administration of soda than in the

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it be inclined to make a fresh onslaught. As a rule how

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thigh the scrotum udder and neighbouring parts others

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of a choleHthiasis then a cholecystitis should be treated surgically

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and homely letter gave a negative assent William Hunter conse

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dour of his discoveries with regard to irritation. Followinn

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way the answer is in part obvious and involves important prin

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