Moduretic Tab (5+50)mg/tab βτ X 30

              ~~ Ben Franklin

without bad effect but always with good and with, as has

moduretic 5mg

effect, it will always be accompanied by a general lowering of

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stein. By F. Binard, Regimental Physician at Ghent.

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Remedy.— Draft : Tincture perchloride iron, H oz.,

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sometimes almost lardaceous. The meningitis is generally diffuse, but in

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ment, and indeed it has been the habit of teachers here to warn

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both within their calibre and around them, unmistakable

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exerted on the medulla oblongata and its nerves ; that this pressure is the

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by Mr. Godlee. Here we have something personal; here we have the

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bons inclined at an angle of about 45 °. This is theoret-

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the stomach ; headach ; immoderate thirst ; vomiting and

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dicine was continued for some days, and convalescence proceed-

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the terminal phalanges of the fourth and fifth finger are exempt from

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Relieved from operation of Par. 2, S. O. 42, c. s.. Department of

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lead or mercury, may induce chronic nephritis. iNIorphinism may be a

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and vapors which abounded. Probably the emanations from

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also averse to her returning for further treatment. The blood picture at

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first sight that in this particular type of operation the anaesthetist

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ensltive. A diagnosis of double salpingo-oophoritis syphilitica

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possessed the power of injuring the epithelium. Prob-

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mis while syphilis starts in the interstitial tissue of the

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occupied cottages on the level where broom-sage and poverty

moduretic tab (5+50)mg/tab βτ x 30

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lesion, in small foci, by sweeping the tuberculous tissue

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do. It is not reasonable to suppose that regeneration of

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Og-le and Mr. Henry Lee, " Case of Tracheotomy : Detacliment of Tube

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recovery and returned to his business, but within 4 or 5 days he began

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gj ; Vini Antiman. gij ; Aquce giij. M. To take one table-spoonful every four

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