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              ~~ Ben Franklin

or both auburn or red iris blue flesh soft sweating easily induced

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and since the date of his paper it has always been recognised

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strouL er larger and heavier and the prominences ridges

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the heart would probably become inflamed in a certain proportion of

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sory and motor paralysis of all of the muscles of the

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to devote himself rather to the non practical details of

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tysis due to tubercle below seven years of age is extremely rare and

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tion of the limb marked blanching in the elevated position

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ing prolonged mental effort inhalation of sewer gas

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of the situation. They can certainly control the city s water

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This is the generally accepted view but it is denied by

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jjraises which we have already sung we wish to compli

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in eliminating the waste and irritating matter which cause the

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who are heavy meat eaters and who do not drink enough water or

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confirmed a donation of ten guineas paid by the Court of

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omitted using the cold water alone and the effect was even belter

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various diseases with a very brief description of the course and function

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gelstein on account of his k History of Rabies Canina and

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the thoracico lumbar outflow supplies this entire tract below the cardiac

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A meeting was held in Philadelphia May in which the organiza

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the length of its duration nor is it precisely known

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ued most was that I was enabled to form my plans for my

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of colorless viscid and albuminous fluid that it may be mis

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Altogether it is evident that these children who only went

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of myomectomy being decided in the negative the abdo

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rature oi December was less than at San Francisco in the

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