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vertebra. You observe the difference between the two sides. Ante
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Dr. Maund s oases occurred chiefly in East Kent between the years and
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by epilation combined with pyrogallol and spreading did
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its appearance in the backs of cattle about December th and H.
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and of the anterior roots only a few normal cells persisting. Figs.
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on whom he used frog skin instead of human skin for the
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trophv. i Feeble action undulating impulse indistinctness of
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and Lambling. Leubuscher Nichols Vetrano Violle le report ox bile to be
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received vi ith mingled feelings of gratification and re
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days service to their beneficiaries. Two classes of
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borious research so inuch as the play of imagination
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observers Bostrom Soltmann etc. in the midst of actinomycotic lesions
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walks about without any apparent object in view all
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strain of sick headache. Irritation of the ovaries or womb is
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administration of salicylate of sodium and fluid extract
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system. In reply to Dr. Taylor s question Gower s tract
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while the male is yet a nursling. I have observed it only in
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Owing lt gt delay in procuring counsel I did noi operate
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fur the insane were thoroughly investigated and more
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patient covered with powder which cooled the skin and
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apparatus on the recipient s free arm. These latter
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at all ages of the fcetus and has removed with suc
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clusion that two distinct orders of nerves preside over the
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ordinary care and skill in treating him. Vrita v. Dolan
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This is a reliable work by a writer whose name is a guarantee
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perfect himself in the higher and more intricate branches of
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trichinotic infection as seems to be the case. Never

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