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              ~~ Ben Franklin

in the ureter as a guide during the operation.. The high

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feet almost raised from the ground standing on tiptoe and the

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the enlargement Ijy hypertrophy is comparatively un

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vantage the excellent training which they have had. An exhibition

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One defect is that certain statements which seem incon

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These ingredients are to be well mixed together and given in

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In conclusion pray excuse my l revity and any apparent want

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astasia abasia is an example of this. The muscles of the legs are

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detailed covering much territory hitherto unexplored

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acidosis and almost uncontrollable vomiting. Severe hema

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phy amp is pubis to the fibrous capsule of the penis.

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son in belongs the credit of the first promulgation of the rapid

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especially if aided by the same taken internally doses a

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districts of the nervous centres must show some evidences of pathological altera

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characters usually regarded as typical of the bacillus of

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the finger on the pulse to see that it remains steady and

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rous palfages whence incurable barrennefs and lingering coufumption were the

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white corpuscles and a notable diminution in the red corpuscles. Two

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at one part than another and that even a careful curetting

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his early education in the school of that city where he

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did the Russians. The writer ascribes this fact to the differences

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L Union M dicale du Canada. Septembre October November .

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terial. His own diagnosis was proven by the operation

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trouble does not cease spontaneously until after the patient is thirty years

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Hk MuiMMtMUt role however played by the latter particularly in the

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somewhat less than the length of the acetabular diameter from the

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