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              ~~ Ben Franklin

observation during which time no fits occurred and she was begin

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the scrotal sac while in the right one the round ligament and the

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tuberculosis how many are there in the IfiU autopsies a

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expression of countenance. Her face was of a dull leaden

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Edward Blake and Dr lt. Hunter Mackenzie answer the

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ordinary simple type of dehiscence the actual date at which

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four cases in the same family. The limitation to one sex

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doctor heard of it he would be more careful in the future.

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Gentlemen One of the photographs I now hand around repre

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tion of daily sitting two to three minutes duration of

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rest of the cervical tissues has now become unduly strained

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ment of cancer from precancerous lesions is a prin

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The study of these diseases therefore in a sanitarj point of

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mencement my faith in its protective influence over

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onstrated over thirty years ago long before we knew any

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of bovines hyperimmunized with the method of Behring which

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spermatic cord to castration and excision of the pros

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Pennsylvania Hospital in the place of Dr. Physick resigned.

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burg position when operating on old men afflicted with

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of pain or of rumbling in the right iliac region. Such cases in

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specimens C and D respectively in eighteen days. The dog fed with

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black color if of earlier origin. This condition of the bone

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responsible for its support and are required to pay a certain sum

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