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              ~~ Ben Franklin

case the primary lumbar puncture had no perceptible effect

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interpreted. Properly interpreted it demonstrates that the

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phlogistically, without producing any relief. She had syphilis fourteen

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gards the diet, he objects to the purely milk diet. He thinks

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entrance of the child upon extrauterine e^cistence the

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sue, the vessels, and the ureters as well as the pelvis

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Annals of Surgery, October, 1892. I wish to acknowledge my Ir-


years, since it has been regarded more and more as a

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late years, however, a strong solution of lunar caustic, one to six grains to

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1786. By Benjamin Rush, M. D. 8vo. pp. 28. Philadelphia, 1839.

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as from those of benevolence and science. Ireland also shows a galaxy of

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blood, which normally are eliminated in the urine. The ques-

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nerve should have connecting filaments in order that nervous sensation

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on the treatment of accidents and simple sUrgery. Dr. W. Rus-

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of treatment, he has had fewer operations than formerly. It

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t. R. Carter, to proceed to Kvansvllle, Ind., and assume command

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safe to discontinue splints at least one week earlier than in

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in treatment and disinfection should reassure any who

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home in Brandon, Manitoba, from pneumonia, March 30.

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successively seized with the clamp, cut off, and the stump

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Internally she was given the suprarenal gland, with no effect;

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women, and 212 of the 240 were accompanied by movable

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The introduction of setons is also a proceeding well adapted for the cure

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"army of innocents" who plead for protection from a

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factory in some respects. He spoke of Fowler's latest method,

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time paraplegia has developed there are secondary tuber-

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however, as 1806, Stumer, a German pharmacist, iso-

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