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              ~~ Ben Franklin

the word scrofula has become, as it were, a sort of nosological scapegoat for

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at bases and emphysematous at edges. Right parotid '

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together with notes of the case, have been furnished by Dr. F. F. Maury,

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It is worth mentioning, that during her first pregnancy she did not

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exact conditions. This patient was placed upon the bichlorid of mercury

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terference necessary. The forceps could not be applied

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there may be a slight rotary twitch to both sides. Tlie caloric

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from the portion of the stomach that remains in the abdominal

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prehensions of death, frequent sighs, restlessness and

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murder, it is to be practically distinguished from a case m which the crime

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naturally a hightened tension in the pulmonic veins, lungs and

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the number of illustrations, of which there are about one hundred and fifty more in this edition

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dent upon some functional disturbance of the kidneys, whereby in some

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nerve of the opposite side, or to branches of the lumbar plexus, or to nerves

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ciples use large antiseptic incisions. AVhen incision is used in arthritic effusion,

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an intimate relation I did understand him to say. I should

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found lesions of those structures, incompatible with their acti-

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the cessation of the ventricular systole and the radial pulse,

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although we admit there is as much variety in this respect here,

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times, but failed to effect delivery. On examination of the

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ficoulent flow is diverted from the natural channel through an

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a case in which faintness came on whenever the water used was "a little

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