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              ~~ Ben Franklin

mother must not be denied if the trial of labor seems fruitless.


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of indulgence and irregularity in the habits of living.

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some extraneous body, and by their exuding the usual calcareous

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Hansen believes that it is met with equal frequency in all the decades be-

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and contrary to the truth. Absorption in the ordinary sense

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inflammation obtained ; the treatment is then inter-

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and she was bled from the arm, to the amount of four ounces, without any

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and teachers are sounding the alarm and advising conservative midwifery.

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have on one occasion seen a well- developed, mature

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Ivnauer was to ascertain if, in animals, ovaries extir-

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Fifteen days after the onset of an attack of acute |)leurisy, there was con-

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The speculum reveals no disease of the cervix, but the vagina is smooth, slightly

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with numerous foci of infection, drainage resulted in recov-

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on his own child, with the occiput in the sacrum, and had

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a large number of his relatives, descending from a common ances-

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ical factor to the final result. If, as seems quite proba-

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thickening was due to glandular enlargement and distension of veins

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for Dr. Dowse. It consisted of the upper half of the humerus.

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the pine tribe, there is coiisirlerable corfu^ion among the differ-

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of devitalisation only. If the capillary circulation

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onplojed externally ; and if there be suppuration in the glands or con-

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change in his pulse ; expectoration as before. When lying on

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coteniiioniries of Sjdenliain, wlio, on thooretioal grounds, so violently

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compounds produced by their action upon putrescible

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This manual shall be a guide for MSMA members to the stand taken by the House of Delegates of the Missouri

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tenth dorsal vertebrae — in other words, when the

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sometimes not for some hours. At anj- rate the action of the blood or serum of

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Conclusions. Anaphylactic shock in the dog, caused by the

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of climate on patients predisposed to or affected with phthisis, it

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• Read before the .\merican niniatoloffioal and Clinical .Asso-

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tient, whether he could himself carry out all the detailed investiga-

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eighteenth century. Hospitals conducted on Several years in the nineteenth century

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jectile is more commonly termed cerebral abscess, a fact which gives

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by the pohceman's club, and being found more or less

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heavy, but the underwear is kept closely in contact with the body and

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