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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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duced by the first impression of nearly pure chloro

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this character sometimes occur in the lungs and their effects are

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contrary I have carefully watched the progress of a great

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When hemorrhage occurs into the adrenals the course of the disease

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stricture which is rarely recognized until some terrible

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nately with the thumb and finger placed on opposite sides so

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One of the most beneficial Acts of Parliament relating

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small round cells predominate. Although it contains many

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medical degree at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in.

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place where malaria is so rife that every case treated

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subjects with flabby or pendulous abdominal walls the bladder is rela

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double curvature on their original plane. We have found Dr. H s

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larly if expectant treatment is followed generally grow

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hand we meet with cases of scarlatina both distinct and confluent with

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burgh congratulated Dr. Morton on his success. From a large expe

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untary muscles and the kidneys also occurs in the muscular tissue of

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liver and lung induced in a goat by combined inoculation

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tion has steadily and uniformly decreased the maximum and

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the essential evidence when a causal relation is suspected. But it is

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Assistant Medical Otficer Manchester Hospital for Consumption and Diseases of

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lar or crystalline particles in the cortical and pyramidal portions

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On motion of Dr. Brodie of Michigan the minutes were amended.

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The Board of Examiners of North Carolina will meet in

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The sulcus temporalis inferior t i Fig. is well developed.

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upon some broadly correct knowledge of elementary facts. It cannot

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