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              ~~ Ben Franklin

of July the tumour in the left inguinal region was still present

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gestation size. The first change we might expect therefore

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tigo almost always is an attendant and the patient may suddenly stagger

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erable value. It is used in decoction in cases of fever and in

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the third physician and third surgeon have now entered upon regular duty.

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nfTered by the final examinations at the colleges. Some of

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tion obviously indicating in practice the necessity of absolute

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edge of these matters. A number of cases in recent times have shown

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from these centres which are connected together by inter

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and doubts are so frequently seen in those undoubt

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Officer of the division not later than the hour of

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times but his good nature saved him at first and afterwards

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the life of the individual as regards either personal con

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Ankle is both timely and valuable for in my experience sprains

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was fortunate that this plan of treatment was adopted for during

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again enlarges increases its contractural force and

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which he received the rent. That was considered a stain upon

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HMS alumni. Unlike the magazines coming from virtually any other medical

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confined to one part as the calf of the leg. The voluntary as

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the matter he found that the flowers were frequently

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benefitted the milder cases of puerperal and climacteric insanity.

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these vaginal operations had been done in a favorable

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in a poorly ventilated and flushed sewer may accumulate

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Locock Sir C appointed chairman of dinner of Medical

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of exstrophy of the bladder I think justifies a report.

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with the building of the remainder and accordingly the whole house

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