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              ~~ Ben Franklin

others suffer from one or other of the many morbid con

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ally only brought out after exertion. Coinciding with the diastole of the

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ever become very distasteful and she could be persuaded

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The second examination passed the student would be fully

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man as in mice certain tumors are able ab initio to obtain their

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Medicine at Harvard Medical School. A year later the

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correctly applied proves reliable in about per cent of cases

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was published in full in the daily press it will not be necessary

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and belly and J eneath the lower part of the body. They

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ing of the parietal pericardium the pulse may become very feeble or quite

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would perish without a single exception. At that time the

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agent or whether one assumes that the poison is truly microbic

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species have been without effect. Amongst those which have succeeded

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rent in its stmctnref and it cannot be rendered tatisfao

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some cases must of necessity be only approximative. But even

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pepsin fibrin ferment diastase. Rarely fever is due to direct exposure to

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tims to its poisonous operation whilst the strong and healthy suffer

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former being frequently followed by expulsive pains and the

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entrance or on entrance. at second winter and at third winter.

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coction and even then with advantage but have found more

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Furious Babies. Following some of the above symptoms

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trial of the pessary should be made for several months

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understood and perhaps I was one of the first to point out its

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while in all the left lung was free from adhesions and presented

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choreic agitation may be caused by slicing away the cerebellum and

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cessant that he was unable to retain any food. The vomiting had

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the warm fleshy hand of the attendant greatly facilitating

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Prevention and Treatment of Anthrax in the Pig Whole

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respirations while riding averaged only per cent of the vital

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properties but can not be swallowed on account of irritating

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are then placed in the incubator at C and allowed to

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not the case. The commonest and most important of these

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uncertainty is that we prescribe the waters according to their most

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commend themselves to thoughtful and patriotic minds

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tepid water sponge baths or a hypothermic blanket. Apnea is treated with

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common duct without producing pain or severe symptoms. More commonly

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tion of the literature on this subject covering a period of about

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