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Gloria Edwin Knight à Brooklyn. Crédits photo : David BrabynLes rats, les vautours et les prêts à risques

Gloria Edwin Knight à Brooklyn. 
Crédits photo : David Brabyn

Subprime loans put Arizona state in spotlight

Ariz. ranks No. 2 in high-interest mortgages. 

Arizona ranks No. 2 in the country for the highest percentage of subprime loans, those risky, high-interest mortgages that grabbed national headlines last week with the announcement that delinquencies and defaults are rising.


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related: >>New York Stock Exchange Today's Topic: Rein in risky mortgages? A shock wave hit the housing market, and the U.S. market at large, after delinquencies on risky home mortgages hit a new high, a major subprime mortgage lender was delisted by the New York Stock Exchange, and the Dow fell 416 points one day recently.

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