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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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antagonistic, although the outward similitude of medicinal to

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piece of mucus; all irritating things, as salt, wine, vinegar, pep-

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In this respect it differs materially from those mental condi-

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[We feel sure that our genial correspondent, Dr. Ray, will pardon us for thus giving our

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No other keeps the parts in such good apposition, renders

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where he entered Princeton University, graduating therefrom in

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was appointed his successor as Professor of Gynsecofogy.

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digest it. Wine-whey may be given in advanced stages of the

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self-congratulation, and the Gazette ventures to congratulate

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later. After a visit to the medical centers of Europe, and the usual

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method of deduction, whereas the only sure course with natural

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at their proximal end in order to secure venous stasis.

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a man some fifty years of age, for advice in regard to a large

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Eleventh edition. New York: William Wood & Co., 1885.

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which he received the degree of M.D., in 1869, serving concurrently

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the benefit of their criticisms for future guidance. It is probable,

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that the institution was founded, and has so rapidly grown to those

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fairs, and a member of the Protestant Episcopal church. His offices

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many years. He is a member of the Quiz Medical Society, the New

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received by the profession has steadily increased, until now it

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turbance. That the influence of cold is often, though not always, important

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and the active force of the bullet — that is to say, with the size

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into some of the European languages. He was medical inspector in

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his profession for some time at Wilmington, North Carolina, after-

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on the center of respiration, or suffered from similar misadventures.

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Fragments of Clothing are typified either by conglomer-

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decided abatement of the articular pain and swelling, while on the other

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F> OBERT GRIGG REESE, Ph.G.,M.D., F.A.C.S., eminent special-

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Robert Tuttle Morris was born in Seymour, Connecticut, May 14,

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What's life after Real Estate News ?

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