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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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a state of ulceration but patches of a deep red colour are

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sometimes become insane is no more than we might expect considering

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leaving bones covered with granulations only transplantation of

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proved to be affected it is very rarely so. The pathological changes in

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support it and show that its members however dissimilar they

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dered so that the food is not properly digested and passes off

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There are of course dangers attendant upon the process of

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fact that practically all non cancerous affections of the stomach

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each hospital at least every three years. The New York

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mycoides inoculated beneath the dura into the cerebrospinal fluid. Yound

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a larg e number of observations chiefly of organisms in the

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There are many English residents here and the street signs notices

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roasting a sharp skewer was frequently thrust into the

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Now we will consider for a moment the probable effect upon

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EELLINGHAM UNION Northumberland Medical Officer for District No. s.

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The outside hospitals each had a There were also overpenetrated x

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six per thousand. This difference in the pauper rate

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gradually accumulating will by and by induce sleep while during

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tions of the respiratory apparatus the Sanguinarin may be

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question is obtained when a second and totally different question is put.

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Sometimes they will squeal for food and rear upon the fence or

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officers are deprived of advantages which some of them have

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tissue. The writers have reached the conclusion that

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spread of the disease in an animal already infected. Bran has

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paratus used for the correction of antero posterior de

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lems. So it was necessary that a school should bring

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Laryngoscopic examination is often difficult by reason of the abnormal

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the H ion concentration is that it increases in magnitude as the acidity

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membrane from the other side. The cartilage was then

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myopic eyes is the crescent ovconus surrounding the optic

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prevent hardening while in the equally warmed syringe.

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color following the treatment by mercurials does not make an increase

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on animals or man deals mainly with such transforma

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they have not an hour to give to any problem educational or

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He continued to eat although not as heartily as before kept

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between the simple continued fevers of Britain and of the tropics

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seeds blown away by ihowing leaf and head more in deuil.

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ble institutions where children are admitted. But so great are the diffi

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contrary the more physiological and Irue medical information you give

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decrease in bulk and the appearance of vacuoles in both and a

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