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              ~~ Ben Franklin

the rising student and the hard-working practitioner from the North.
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did so, rather to the discomfiture of the official.
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to attend every or nearly every meeting, to remain permanently on the
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often taken occasion to recommend your Worm Killer, and am cognizant of
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menacing. We could scarcely discover any swelhng or pain on pres-
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sign the Swiss Convention of 1S64. Vet, in the long French war ex-
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gave me hope at the first interview, and in the extremely short time of two months,
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There was no enlargement of the sublumbar lymphatic glands.
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H. Collins for his able conduct in the Chair, and to the Coimcil for
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pulse feeble ; the respiration was more regular. Respiration 42 ; pulse
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ences are all casual and metaphorical or illustrative.
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the ensuing year: W. Bartlett, Esq.; S. Day-Goss, M.D. ; R. Dunn,
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calculated to induce continence and check incontinence, and the adducing
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and he states that for this reason he has not taken any part in the move-
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sufficiently to prevent the eyelids closing, or to threaten displacement
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showed generalised tuberculosis, a second had been inoculated ; the
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a gentleman about 40 years of age, who had been labouring for some
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greyish pus, rich in bacilli, was seen to escape from its excretory ducts.
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disease, or king's evil, '* is a cold and moist praeternat-
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magistrates have not good sense enough to avoid the use of expres-
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"If you are sick with a cold or any accident puts you to bed, have you
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mater. The internal surface of the dura mater and the surface of the
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The off hind leg was extended and placed stiffly under the body,
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warml'v 2^\ ^'ole. howeyer, the Government measure was at first
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culosis ; (2) injection of extracts of organs from such animals ; (3)
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and the streptococci, may produce deadly toxins. In processes of this
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instrument, for the purpose of testing the strength and volume of the lungs. By this
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large number of men in camp and the intense heat during a great part
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Histological examination extended to the muscles, skin, liver, and
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Treatment. — Mustard was applied to the chest, causing the tempera-
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