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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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of the body, the cutaneous surface ; it forms the so-called peripheral sensory
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Elementary Geology. The examination in Latin includes as obli-
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Associate Attending Neurologist: Dr. Loren W. Avery.
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a. Intestines and attached organs are detached and discarded.
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and reflex immobility of the pupils, usually makes the diagnosis almost ab-
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^vafltage of his fcd^t sei^,. sa«11-. A <^'s hearteg^^ffty i%l^^W^^^^Ur
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yond these suggestions in some or all lines. Their requirements are:
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usual lyjiJ^ after the mix is pasteurized; therefore, tm inspector may find ft
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the graduation fee of 30 dols. If they be graduates of three years'
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regular students through their entire course of study. Eyery candidate
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also, does not belong to the typical clinical picture, but anaesthesia and painful
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who desire to attend any special course of instruction. These pay a
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diiYiiniRh the time (three years) to be spent in professional studies.
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(k) Properly Identify the specijtien and put It In a precooled sample con-
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lateral geniculate body, of one of the anterior corpora quadrigemina, or of one
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The general health is considerably affected in cases of any severity. The
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There may be cardiac hypertrophy, nephritis, excessive bodily exertion, or
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frequent occurrence of optic neuritis (vide infra) is of great diagnostic
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put in activity in walking, in grasping, and in all the manifold employments
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inclusive, Euclid books i. and ii., and one of the following : English
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Surgery, Dissection ; Summer — Clinical Surgery, Practical Pharmacy.
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following conditions, provided that their admission does not interfere
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We must mention here a special symptom-complex, meralgia paraesthetica
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sciousness ; the circumstance that the milder and the masked forms of epilepsy,
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tion embraces all the subjects of the curriculum, including those in
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ever, that the true seat of chorea is to be sought in the brain. In the first
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ments we can readily demonstrate to ourselves that these structures are indi-
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so as to wash out the masses of hemoglobin from the kidneys.
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Nelson, Roy Arthur, s, a, w, sp, Chicago. S.B. '36.
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on voluntas movement, affords an effectual distinction. Moreover, the motor
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ing art. In the same way we can suggest paralyses, contractures, or anaes-
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be understood if we regard the ganglion cell and its
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of the July session. No student can be admitted to them without
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sucking blood. They can do this with no pain or sensation to their victim; tJwrefore,
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tion and close attention to all the above-mentioned conditions which may be
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z. Cans then pass into the cocnnc section. Tneir temperature
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absence or diminution of the muscular tonus, perfectly free, and so remains
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the house can be obtained, the candidate must pass a public exami<»
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In the classes of Histology, Materia Medica, Midwifery, Botany,
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temperature is normal, or sometimes subnormal or slightly elevated (100.5°
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Klein, William Samuel, a, w, sp, Brooklyn, N.Y. S.B. (Columbia U.) '33.
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tions in Toronto. 2. Persons desirous of obtaining full information
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