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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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and the pain is felt more in the bones, being intensified

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sixteen centuries — yvl., by Aetius in the sixth, by Paulus

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upper extremity or by having the patient lie down and rest the in-

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In the war with Sj^ain the most important character on the side of the

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nnscmic condition of the system, rather than to fatty degeneration of the muscles ; and

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iodide liberates iodine in the tissues, and that the latter

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14,000 medical assistants in more than 400 chapters in

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it an abundance of fishes, birds, and game animals of all kinds, and also in-

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The author regards the gravity of this symptom as dependent upon

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The ganglia in the immediate neighborhood of the stom-

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operation. Arch, f Augenh., Wiesb., 1887, xviii. 1-21- Also,

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been dead about fifty years ; but, if his ideas were slow in

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tory function. Gave 5 grs. more of calomel in 3 doses — a dose to be

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but would confine himself to giving an account of one series

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simply be chewed and retained in the mouth for a few

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that it has great advantages over recitations ; that the

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ber of cases of unilateral cedema of the leg, usually

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the best. In the atrophic form, the glands need to be stimulated to ac-

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number of scalps every week. The hair pulled out is de-

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will reveal, however, that it is not of the nature of an eczema, but rather

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tract. The urethra appears to have been first pressed upon, but the

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course of a few hours. Most monkeys survive the simultaneous ligation

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been exposed to. It amounts to about 300, but many of these

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anterior walls of the belly, but it occurs most com-

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ctile, and prove its presence. >M. Charriere made several instru-

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now using, as it will obviate the use of the syphon

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The abdomen, which was turgid, being opened, a small quantity of water was seen to be

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man, it is nevertheless unjustifiable to undertake it, according to our

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to some may have appeared radical. The thorough study which

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action against them because the people always attributed

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and intrapartum events that increase exposure of the

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phosphate had practically no different effect upon cultures of these

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your power. Especially when you remember to protect your prescribing

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general symptom. I mean that it occurs under very many different circumstances

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perceptible by palpation and percussion a marked diminution in

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and the quantity of blood to be acted upon by it. Again

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for ten years M. Charriere's little bellows, projecting

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