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The decline of the US real estate mortgage market live on  business foreclosure  
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government auction : Towns Put Their Surplus on the Block

photo Kirk Condyles

BETHPAGE, N.Y. KICKING THE TIRES Most of the vehicles had been seized in arrests for drunken driving.A TIP-OFF that the used cars for sale on a recent June morning here were not the typical variety came from the location: a lot ringed by barbed wire, on a dead-end street

bank owned properties, Low home prices open doors for some

A housing rescue nears Ė but for whom? African business is foreclosure

Minority neighborhoods would especially benefit from a $3.9 billion aid package.

Foreclosure filings surge 120%foreclosure fillings surge 120% 

There were 220,000 homes lost to bank repossessions in the second quarter, and the annual forecast for 2008 will have to be revised upward.  more

mortgage rescue  White House OKs Mortgage rescue

House votes to offer as much as $300 billion in mortgages and to back up Fannie and Freddie. Bush says he'll sign it. Senate approval is likely. Breaking down the housing rescue video 4:52

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15 Common Questions from First time Homebuyers

  1. Why should I buy, instead of rent?
    Answer: A home is an investment. ...

Home Buyer Defense Guide: Real estate insider advice to help homebuyers avoid common mistakes when buying a home....

MMaverick Real Estate Investments Construction Worker Shaking Hands with a Real Estate Executive Investoraverick Real Estate Investments, Inc. Continues Its Unprecedented Growth--And Nationwide Expansion 

Ask anyone associated with Maverick Real Estate Investments, Inc. why the company is so successful and you'll likely get the same response: "Unconventional thinking." It's the same unconventional thinking that has given the company and its investors the ability to recently put over $600,000,000 worth of property under contract in the last two years. 

Fannie Mae saving source of Inflation. The culprits behind credit, inflation risks. Two major related threats loom over the world economy: credit crises and rising inflation. What do these two menaces have in common? read Fannie Mae inflation


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Understanding Reverse MortgagesOver the years reverse mortgages have been considered loans of last resorts, only for financially desperate seniors. Not anymore! The reverse mortgage industry is booming --  helping retirees from all walks of life use their homes to help fund their retirement.

I reviewed a few Mortgage equity E-books to helps those interested in finding some alternative strategies

Foreclosure-data Web sites becoming big business

Foreclosure filings are public information, free for anyone to see if you know where to find them. 
But the data can be time-consuming and tricky to gather from government offices. So a plethora of services have emerged to sell data to investors...

foreclosure bible Not Just A Bible ... But an entire foreclosure networking community to help you !

home loan adjustable rate Dodd Defends His Own Mortgage Deals

WASHINGTON ó Sen.  Christopher Dodd says there was nothing special about the 2003 mortgages on his two homes, and that he requested no preferential treatment from his lender. But it might take more than a short denial to get past this week's reports that he was one of several prominent politicians given deals by Countrywide Financial Corp. on their home loans.


Foreclosures help :Employers Offer Aid To Avert 

Some Companies Provide Loans, Grants and Counseling To Workers Mired in Mortgage Debt; Co-Workers Pitch In

Signs Of Good Mortgage Brokers A good mortgage broker is something every potential homeowner or experienced real estate investor needs to have on their side.

Second Mortgage What Is It Exactly Everyone has heard a friend or relative complain about having to take out a second mortgage but donít really know what that means. Letís find out!

Fixed Rate Mortgage

A fixed rate mortgage is one of the most common types of home loan in the USA. Itís very easy to understand and set up and helps people know exactly what type of commitment they are making financially.

Factors Of Mortgage Approval

When applying for a mortgage, the lender you have chosen will take many factors into account. These factors not only influence what type of loans you can qualify for but also what your monthly payments will be and how many years you
will take to pay the loan off completely. 

Adjustable Rate Mortgage Another common type of home loan is the adjustable rate mortgage or ARM. With this type of loan, the interest rate will fluctuate depending on the 6 different real estate indexes.

A life, foreclosed: Pressured by threat of foreclosure, developer takes his life

On Tuesday morning May 6, as thousands of homes were being auctioned off on courthouse steps across Georgia, 42-year-old residential developer David Moss -- himself besieged by souring bank loans -- drove to a Forsyth County subdivision he was developing a mile and a half from his home.

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your life is in danger

Police investigate Salt Lake City house sitters' death

SALT LAKE CITY (ABC 4 News) - A man was found dead in a Salt Lake apartment complex and that has other residents there worried. The killing is still unsolved. 21-year-old Jonathan Mardoniz was found inside a unit at 1340 South 200 East.

mortgage how much can i borrow affordably

Mortgage approvals hit new low as rates rise: Bank of England figures spell more housing gloom. Mortgage rates. The number of mortgages granted to home buyers fell further last month as prohibitive rates and demands for large deposits put off borrowers.

Foreclosure fighting efforts need help

credit cards gas rewards drive for rewards pushes old-style gas cards in ditch. One-company gasoline credit cards fall from favor

DataQuick: SoCal housing market 'crippled'

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