Imuran Shingles

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The principle of dialysis has likewise important bearings on the
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tliema, which, we are satisfied, if they have any real existence, are of
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I. — "Wra. Kay, Co. F, Tth Connecticut, when brought into the Ilos-
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operation of tying the femoral artery. Should acupressure fiiil.wc
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slight degree of tension of the coverings, and is, besides, a valuable
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on ; she was delivered of a dead child, and f^radually recovered."
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l^ogue action of aloes. Therefore the absence of bile in the
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Action External. — Aloes is a slight stimulant to raw sur-
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For example, we may write a prescription for calomel
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those to which I am accustomed are not accessible, I should not
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that of urea. Tissue waste must therefore be reduced. This
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used externally for its caustic properties. The acids are
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the heart is slowed in overcoming the increased resistance
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paralysis, 1 — peritonitis, 1 — premature birth, 2 — puerijeral disease, 1 — sore throat, 1 — suffo-
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with the crenic and apocrenic acids. One curious fact connected with them is,
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Notwithstanding the brandy and quinine were given in larger doses
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marsh-gas series, obtained by distilling off the lighter and
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ilium. He made an incision of some three inches in length, midway be-
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salts, forming insoluble and harmless sulphocarbolates in
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customed to the condition induced by a severe wound, habituated to
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Properties. — Colorless, transparent or whitish, ortho-
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drachms of prussic acid saturated with potassium cyanide,
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outer surface brownish-yellow, with slight, longitudinal
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wards forming definite and correct conclusions. Diphtheria is one
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hospital. The cases in quarters are generally diarrhoea and dysen-
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nying the truth of the statements on which the Surgeon-General's
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special sense, and, through its medium, a regulator of tem-
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extract of the leaves and young shoots of Uncaria Gambler,
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the air ; having the characteristic strong odor of peppermint,
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to suppose that it will act as a preventive, if we permit it to form a
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with enteric typhus. He always combined, with the local treatment,
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way concerned in the rapidly fatal termination. Examination after
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side to side must come to be increased, at the expense of the
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