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physician for about ten hours. The man lived thirty

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the projecting mass seen with the aid of the cystoscope

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the horse doctor and cow leech of bygone days for those

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oped after an operation on the first metacarpal bone.

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in the middle of the roses being powdered and drunk in the

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muscle appears pale soft friable broken by extravasations

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nosis of clinical typhoid fever but it is very probable that it does

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Utica in was a practical recognition on the part of the State

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animal to animal such cultures are made virulent for the animal

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and ovary were not found but their site was occupied by

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bacillus into these glands. I knew they were a primary and

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of procreation on the other hand is retained until a comparatively late

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disease in some localities the mortality from this cause is appalling over

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London Liverpool Glasgow or Berlin all places renowned for the

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It is to be regretted that he was prevented by the incessant and

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required quite a number have studied veterinary medicine and to

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any of the schemes which are laid down by the State

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for treatment is still as I have said to be determined. These are

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May Favorable for Children. In its weekly report the de

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The public may fear however that before many years have

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Harry E..Mock who presented the problem of the rehabili

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Munich and Professor Acland at Oxford it would seem that dur

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