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terebinthinates and even nitrate of silver and some

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for a term of years. Students both of Law and Physic

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Acute myocarditis. A diffuse parenchymatous affection of the heart s

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instances are treated by the gastrologist to the great detriment of the patient.

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subject Ueber Phytogenesis sent it to Mailer s Archiv

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pleasure to remember the deceased in his hospitable and loveliest of

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date all human records by thousands of years and are as

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was excessively pale with a suggestion of oedema in

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nent teachers most practitioners giving the alkaline bromides iodides or chlo

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his feelings as though there were some wind which wanted to break

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the anteversion of the uterus. Of course the most potent influences in

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thetics preparation for operation and the general tech

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of pain or of rumbling in the right iliac region. Such cases in

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Morbid Anatomy. The sclerotic areas are widely distributed through

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retrogression of the symptoms takes place on the appearance of the

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It is evident that the cumulative difficulties encoun

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Yet those men were braver than the bravest military

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neck of the intussusception. If gangrene had occurred

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the lens is described as a diminution in the contractile power of the

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East is one of importance. Quite early in the war upward of

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transillumination of the stomach by means of fluorescent

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well as unerring accuracy and that the author would not have

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those of the macula acustica of the utricle and of the

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cure may or may not be expected and in the former what

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chorionic villi to the decidua tubaria is extremely loose

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uieu for all ambitious ell orts of intellect of which the

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In this list it is to be especially noted that all fruits and

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brane which is firmly adherent to its base or may be lifted up

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culosis and some contagious eye and skin diseases may be

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the order named. Treatment is very important in modifying its

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Cervical polypi. In five instances poljrpi which had originated in the

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the central nervous system whether the patient gives a history of

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sidered permanently unfit they may with his concurrence

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lays great stress upon the necessity of giving it largely diluted in order

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