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              ~~ Ben Franklin

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into sections and the teacher devoting his time to instruction,

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a. The human flea (Pulex irritans) (fig. 60®) is found wher-

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a pH meter since it will vary with different lots of sodium barbital.

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true rough variant. The variants should be designated as form I,

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to be isolated and identified, only those colonies exhibit-

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ture to accept a water as safe, merely because the presence of the typhoid

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It is important to the general practitioner because he usually

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French master showed that by drying the virus of rabies, contained in full

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selves into an "Association for preventing the re-enactment in the

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for brass knobs, etc., are now warranted an infallible remedy for diphtheria. — Nor-

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mal (2, 7, — 1, — 3, — 3) in height, and 2 per cent. (0, 0, — 1, — 3,

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Paratyphoid-Dysentery Isolations). Prepare as for Levine's

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that relate them to both the bacteria and the fungi, and are there-

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an irresistible sense of drowsiness and exhaustion ; frequently

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with its bacterial content and with the sanitary standards under

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of a widespread disease of rats, ground squirrels, and other

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too well established to require further comment. Local lesions, then, may

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tuberculoma, sarcoma, fibroma, lipoma, psammoma, myxoma,

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incessant talking for hours, often incoherent, without any par-

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temperature should be carefully noted, and, should any material rise be

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dose consists of 0.1 to 0.2 c.c. of the strongest dilution that

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If removal is successfully accomplished during the period of

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small pulse, along with evidences of pulmonary congestion, alcohol may

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and haggard, with deep, dark, bluish-black rings about the eyes,

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Useful it is, and no doubt it assists in the struggle, but it is not the cause of

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and if human beings are to be treated as machines, at least apply

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the intermediate mg per 100 ml is taken as the blood

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days, and when they do, only one or two hard balls or scybalse

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lications, are to be found at the end of the book. These, with

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during the day. The eruption is red and dry, and is the seat of

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decay to be too well contented with what we have achieved. We

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of the work. The book is printed on heavy tinted paper of excel-

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the filtrate. The procedure is somewhat less exact than the aera-

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newly formed connective tissue cells become impregnated with pigment; this

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tissue is said to occur in the cornea, but here an anatomically avascular

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disposing of a troublesome patient, is readily resorted to by our

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