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              ~~ Ben Franklin

cal experiment of K. F. Meyer who showed that the hog cholera
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had suffered from indigestion with vomiting and slight
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fever was excluded by the absence of roseolffi splenic tumor tympany
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with thickening or possibly other changes in its condition I
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concluding Dr. Bell remarked that he began to use the
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ment. The pathological idea upon which this system is based
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The English Act of necessity had to deal with the sanitary conditions
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regards this process as chiefly the result of the pressure sus
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In arriving at this conclusion which appears to be most in conson
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additional hospitals. A classification of hospital and dis
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rarely or never cleared out. as they ought to be carry that
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in the recto vaginal septum an inch and a half from
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been opened in this department for children suffering from
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this field of recruitment. There are close to fifty
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swallowing of the discharge from the inflammatory area or septic pneumonia
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sometimes secreted more water but the nitrogen total was always
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Turpentine stupes were applied to the abdomen and an
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been good and the preparation is popular with patients.
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a like result occurredin the practice of Dr. Percy Boulton.
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freed or whether in spite of the five inches already
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his patients have greater comfort and ease by arranging their glasses
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urine has accumulated apart from the lt onsciousness
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and dried at C. This method is only approximately accurate since
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to withstand without apparent disturbance ninety de
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sion that may follow the reading of this paper some argument
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forward only some cases seen in his hospital practice during the

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