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              ~~ Ben Franklin

against every act that is likely to prolong the disease or interfere with

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corpuscles to migrate into the injured spot. We know

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and again contracting, so as to assume a fusiform appearance. It then bends round upon

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lins, M. D., Philadelphia, Pa.) About eighteen months ago my attention

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If the view I have taken of respiration be correct ; the only

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which receives its nerve supply from multiple sources, is not atrophied,

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rhea remains in suspensio, but the striking number of

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suspicion and cultures taken. On swabbin^i; out the nose and examining

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infected population under prompt and proper treatment during pre-

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For Sections : Stain one minute ; decolor- State Medical Society the privilege of recom-

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6r. irpddpofwg running before. J A forerunner : —

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b Vines, S. H. The proteases of plants. Annals of Botany, vol. 23, No. 89, p. 17.

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Medical or Surgical qualification requu-ed. Apphcations to the Medical

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General Diagnosis. — The onset in nervous syphilis may be acute or sub-

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The medical profession is naturally much interested

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Gentlemen, North Carolina is just beginning to do what she ought

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septicaemia — 1. e., the disease behaved in two different ways.

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even six months ; finally, in one case we had to combat the acute stage

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Arch. Ophth., N. T., 1897, xxvi, ]81-2(I3.— Stillson (H.)

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anything tight about her neck ; it may, however, frequently be cut short

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and add to the dose one drop a day until eight or ten are taken. If

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medical profession in this country, during its progress through the press ;

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are lymphosarcoma, lymphatic leukaemia, tuberculosis, and acute inflamma-

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at the expiration of an hour from the last one. After waiting two to four hours,

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see her with reference to operation, but could find

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tions of the chest-wall in contact with the root of the

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In regard to albuminuric retinitis, the same appearance is seen in some cases

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— misstatintc of evidence,— Itrowbeatliiii.s of wit-

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an indication of danger in the affection which it attends. It must not be

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irritating cough, but the cause of the irritation is a mystery.

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The swelling in most cases begins near the superior

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plaster bandage with extension from one and a quarter pounds

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chusetts, during 1914, John S. Hitchcock. M.D., 718;

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of the face. This was confirmed by the results of an injec-

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population of 83,465 that he formerly sold to a population of 65,560.

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action of the heat, while some previous investigators considered it

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