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              ~~ Ben Franklin

Report of a Committee [Sir James Paget, Mr. M. Baker, Dr.

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George B. Banks, Hartsdale, Westchester County (1892).

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exciting cause, while dryness of the air is an important factor."

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insanity, its prevention and its treatment, and become

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post-operative distention and 47 per cent of those with a

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Thus the quantity of Gastric juice secreted, appears to be enormous. In dogs, the

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James Johnson— be they good or bad — it becomes part and parcel of his doc-

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formed from the granular and hyaline degeneration of the cells. In

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resultant contraction becomes less and less. But these degenerated

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into extraordinary and increasing risk as she bears her ninth and sub-

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791. Parisienne Cream— Ingredients — i ounce of fine isinglass, I

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about 1"8 ctm. in autero-posterior extent, and lies between the

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the regulative influence of the nervous apparatus, now-

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treatment should be directed accordingly. Congh is best

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and elsewhere and is spoken of in the highest terms. It consists of a

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savings, for this year's expenses. He saved pearance, are entirely different, and in

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Basal Metabolism.— In the Journal of the American Medical Association

What's life after Real Estate News ?

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