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children and partner don t want him to go you re really

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very copious and the child passes into a condition of collapse in such

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ence on his own part that is a matter which concerns him

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tu ercul sis and leprosy and that possibly these two diseases are

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hospital and in multitudes of cases should prevent or minimize permanent dis

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Its prevalence in Beyrout was almost universal. This epidemic pre

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and others for sheep and so well is this known that in

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in the pulmonary tissue their limits may be marked out on the surface

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very seriously ill and the absence of abnormal temperature and

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was found unsuitable for accurate quantitative determination of small

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the forearm been applied experimentally to the wound with the areolar tissue

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have not been picked cases but on account of lack of

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should make the same confession in regard to diet and we

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are nothing more or less than genuine inebriates and

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some of these waters such as Panticosa and Battaglia can likewise be

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must of course make an exception that exception perhaps

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the office. The quantitative estimations of albumin and urea are

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ourable statement is by Maass who concludes that a negative reaction

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At Clonsilla Greystones Dr. Arthur G. Price recorded a rainfall

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tive Responsibility for Care which appeared in the May

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management of inflammation in general. The local process having

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weeks after splenectomy on a constant diet throughout these are

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blood circulation especially when the material shrinks under the influence

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the whole plant. becomes red after standing some time.

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was operated upon by Mr. Southam at the Manchester Royal

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who can subsist upon sawdust pudding and water as I

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preferred. The operation called by Bernays Ideal cholecyst

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throw up his arms and sink while swimming a short dis

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small city. Currently service as chief surgical resi

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disease appears the pathology of it is difficult. It is certainly

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purpose and character to the preceding but as is evident from

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ment would be a respectable but stationary mediocrity. There will

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peculiar. There is nothing so peculiar in it however to distinguish it

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degenerative changes in the heart and arteries induces at last

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in question was to supply mucus or lubricating fluid.

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and which we have elsewhere described potassium iodide should be

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A satisfactory unguent must be pleasant or at least

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the first of these heads are caries exostosis of the fangs necrosis

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